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The quickest way of creating a website is using a website builder. Zappyhost's Website Builder is an online website builder that can help you create your website within minutes!

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Free HTML Editor

This page contains an online HTML editor to help you build and maintain your website or blog. This editor automatically generates the HTML code so that you don't need to. It's also known as a WYSIWYG editor, because WYSIWYG stands for "What You See Is What You Get".

To get started, simply start typing into the HTML editor, then format your text using the formatting buttons.

Using The HTML Editor

This HTML editor allows you to create HTML snippets for your website. The editor automatically generates the HTML code as you type and format your content. This online editor works just like any word processing application. Simply use the buttons at the top of the editor to format your text and add content like images, tables, bullet lists, etc.

To use the editor:

  1. Click inside the white area and enter some content
  2. To format text or add content (such as images, tables, etc), click on the appropriate button at the top nav bar.
  3. To see the HTML code, simply click the "Source" button.

Example Website

Example website thumbnail

Website Builder

The example to the left was created using ZappyHost's online website builder. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to create a website. It enables you to build your own website within minutes. Includes free hosting, templates, clipart, and heaps more. No technical knowledge required.

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About this Website

This website was created in order to help anyone create a website - no matter what your level of technical knowledge is.

In creating this website, my aim is to create the most comprehensive resource on the internet for those wishing to make their own website.